Manic Mood

Manic Mood is an alternative rock band from Brazil/Switzerland, consisting of Rotiv (live drummer), Foley (live guitarrist), both multi-instrumentalists and Nathalie Who (vocalist). After a year composing, producing and exchanging files through the internet, they met in Brazil in July 2013. The band recorded all the drums and vocals from their first album in one day: 12 songs in 12 hours…and thousand cups of coffee.

In August 2014 they met again and shot 4 music videos (Bright, Hey Bombs, Burritos and Summer Morning) in only 4 days.

All music production was made by three of them. Foley and Rotiv played all the instruments and Nathalie created the lyrics and the vocal’s melody.

Manic Mood philosophy is D.I.Y. (Do it by yourself) and "the Art by the art". Every detail is prepared and developed by the members of the band, including pictures and videos.

True admirers of cinema, philosophy and rock music, they conceive their songs with independence and free spirit.

Songs & Lyrics

01. "Unread Message"

C'est, plus simplement, le retour à la vie, dans la nature, des divers éléments de la nature. Les plantes se nourrissent de minéraux, les animaux se nourrissent de plantes, les hommes se nourrissent des animaux ou de leurs produits ; en respirant tout vivant assimile des germes et des poussières... De la sorte, les éléments de la vie s'échangent, se redistribuent après la mort, partout, toujours. C'est la palingénésie universelle.

02. "New Games"

Break it! Scream! how many games you play? Saved? you say? You think you out of this? Tired? Retry it! We can be more than slaves! You're away ? You say? You are a part of it! No one can be alone and far / This day is more than one war / This day is more than all of us / So far we cannot be apart. Fake? You say? Is better late than never! Afraid? You are! But you are a part of it! Too close! To see! We can be better now! Think! And change! We all are part of it! Wake up and Walk again! Push it and see where it goes / Is better than be a plant / Show your real blood and fight! How can we wait so long? How we just let things so bad? We can change everything / Over and over again. We want everything!

03. "Burritos"

Yo tengo problemas con personas estupidas / Pedrita, no digas, no digas que tienes miedo / Pedrita, no me digas, no me digas que tienes miedo del mundo! / Pedrita! Burritos! / Yo tengo, yo tengo! / No se trata. Es algo sencillo / Tengo que salir a las calles llenas de gente / Pedrita, Pedrita, yo digo / Yo tengo problemas con toda la gente del mundo / Prefiero quedarme en casa, te lo juro / Yo tengo... / Cuantas personas que no amamos / Están por todas las partes del mundo / Pedrita! Burritos! / No se trata, es algo sencillo / Yo tengo tanto miedo de ver-te / No sé como decirte / Que el mundo es como esto / Yo tengo! / No hay banda, No hay orquesta / This is all a tape record

04. "Bright"

Bright, it’s so bright / Life is so high / I can take it all for me / I can give you all I have / But it’s bright, so bright / Bright over here / What do you do for me? / It’s nothing but for you / Bright, can you see? / This bigger light out there / It’s just you / It’s just you / See your light growing up / See your life coming up / Happy for me / Yes I am Happy for me / Yeah, yeah, yeah / No one else could ever be / Bright, it’s so bright / Life is so high / it’s just you, it’s just you, it’s just you / Take a chance on me / Take a chance on you / Take, take, take, take, take

05. "Hey Bombs"

Hey bombs, why are you saving me? / I don’t know if anybody cares / Hey bombs, why are you falling over me? / Why are you following me? / Hey / How you dare to make this mess on me / How you fall over our dreams and myths / How? how? / Oh, make us some songs, / Make us just happy now / We’re made of more than old bones / Waiting for what everybody is waiting / Waiting for means, means and seeks.. / Means and seeks / How? / Cry loud and see your bombs! / We’re made of more than old bones, / Just waiting and trying to see! / And what about my face? / Hey bombs! / Hey bombs! why are you falling over me? / We wanted more than old songs, / How? Ohh / It comes to meet me / Just it comes over me / Over me / Just leave me alone..hey bombs! / Fall over me / Just over me / Hey bombs!

06. "Nevermind"

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over for the rest / About ourselves, only mistakes / Only stranger necessities / It’s over, It’s over for the rest / Hey, it’s not about today. It’s about our lives. Don’t say you don’t know or ever or whatever. Nevermind. Hey it’s not about today / Rise or fall / Rise all day / Rise for this / Rise or fall / Rise all day / Rise for this / Rise or fall / Nevermind.

07. "Invisible"

The light inside the rooms is so bright / The noisy computers making me laugh / Like a thousands of fingers making their jobs / Like a noisy rainy, rainy day / A rainy day / I'm still holding your hand while we walk / But I can’t feel your beating heart / Is that too much for both of us? / Or maybe is just another rainy day / Another noisy rainy day / I keep holding my umbrella / Even if the rain has already gone / I think that I’m not really around, / Even if so many people is at the town / I should be by your side now / But there are so many things before us / How many days until this darkness goes away? / How many rains before I find my way? / How can I find my way? How can I find my way? / Still holding your hand while we walk / But I can’t feel your beating heart / Can't find my way... rainy day...

08. "Come"

Come / Let's come / Do / Let's do / I dont want / I don't need / I don't care / Come, let’s come together, for once / Come, let’s come forever, for us / You don’t need, you don’t want, you don’t care / Come / Come / Let’s come (together) / Try to put this over / Is enough for our world / Isn’t easy for me / This isn’t easy for me too / Let’s come / I don’t / I just go away from you / I don’t need, I don’t care, I don’t want / You don’t want, you don’t need, you don’t care / Let’s come / Come, let’s come!

09. "Summer Morning"

During that summer morning / How could I forget? We together and younger / Trying to be fair / We believed in / And It was so right / We believed in us / And It was so right / You believed in those rumours / So you said you believe in all / All those things you’ve saw / But you wouldn’t believe in me? Just remind you / How did I forget you / It was not so right / It was not so right / You said to believe in fate / You said to believe and see / How could you forget this? Those days were forever / You believe in me? You believe in me now / Those days were forever... You said believe in fate / You said believe and see / It was not so right (2x) / How could you forget this / How could you forget us / How could we forget us / It was not so right.

10. "You Remind Me All I Can't Do"

Oh, hey / There’ll come a day / There’s a big day, day full / Full of doubts / And all I wonder is why now? Why now? Why now? I need you? Is just because, You remind me / All / You remind me all I can’t do (2x) / You remind me all I can’t / I wish for once to make you / Remind me now how I am / But you can’t be what I need / Even if I miss you / I miss you... I’m so selfish / It’s weird, I’m just wondering now (2x) Why now... I want you? / Why now... I need you? / You remind me all I can’t do (3x) / You remind me all I can’t / No future, No reasons, only instant desires / Is that enough for you? Is not enough for you... Is not enough for you... Now... You just remind me all I can’t do! I remember all I want from you / I remember all I can’t do / I remember all I can’t do.

11. "Alles"

Alles / Alles / Alles, alles, alles, was irgendwie nützt / Quellnymphen Dionysos / Substanzen Steptanzen / Trommelstöcke Rosenstöcke / Neue Schuhe, schöne Knie / Miracoli / Hahnemann samt Globuli / Alles / Alles, alles, alles was irgendwie nützt / Jedesmal jedesjahr zu Sylvester / Musik für luftbefeuchter und Celesta / Die Flasche, der Turm, der Mond und Aspirin / Pilze, die sich finden lassen / Wechselstrom, bewegte Massen / Der Grosse Regen, oder das Regal / Ein frischbezogenes Bett, Fleckenteufel und Vanilin / Zuckerguss Energierhaltungssatz / Zungenkuss in Schäferstunden / Alles , alles, alles, wird neu erfunden / Alles / Alles / Alles, Alles / Alles was irgendwie nützt / Alles was ist, was war, war nicht genug / wird neu erfunden / Alles was war, war als Erklärung für die Katz / Die ganze Welt entsäuert und entsteint / gebrannt, destilliert und als "Carpe Diem" / Der Weltbrannt, von uns gierig konsumiert / Auf Abusus folgt der Kater / Das ist Usus / Aber als Erklärung für die Katz / Für mich und die Baccantinnen / Bleibt der Rausch ein Muss / Zuckerguss Energierhaltungssatz / Zungenkuss in Schäferstunden / Alles / Alles was irgendwie nützt.